Week in Review: Nov 1/15

The autumn winds are blowing now and most of the leaves are gone, the naked trees pointing their bony fingers to the sky as if they’re flipping off the coming winter. The chipmunks are busy scurrying around gathering their winter stores and sternly scolding anyone or anything that gets in their way. The hedge along the back of the property is temporary home to a flock of birds gathering for the trip south and feasting greedily on the chicken feed whenever I turn my back. The sun seems tired, it’s daily travels lower in the sky as if it doesn’t have the energy to climb higher than that. The evenings are longer and the shadows reach and stretch across the countryside, ushering in the night with long ghostly arms. The weather is supposed to be good this coming week, possibly record warmth according to the weather guy on TV but we all know winter is just around the corner.

The Welcome Homestead is doing our best to prepare for winter. The gas cans were filled this week so the snow blower will have enough to drink until spring. The winter straw has been brought in and tucked away in the straw bunker so the rabbits will have snug warm bedding to get them through the winter blast.

Firewood is piled neatly and ready for the winter bonfires. The garden hoses will have to have the water drained out of them, be coiled up and stored away for the winter. The grass was cut for the final time and the lawn mower and the snow blower traded spots in the shed for the season, the mower having worked hard all summer and quite deserving of a rest.

The Welcome Homestead joined Twitter this past week and is working hard to catch up to the 21st century’s technology. It’s a big learning curve because the Grumpy Truck Driver is not a technological whiz and each new phase is a big learning step but we’re getting through it with some help from our friends and family.

Thirty pounds of turkey breast was processed on Wednesday, 23 pounds was ground and 7 pounds was cubed, all were vacuum packed in one pound lots and frozen. This is in addition to the turkey legs, wings and necks that were vacuumed packed and frozen. All of it was all from the two tom turkeys that were processed on Sunday. There are three birds left, one tom and two hens, who will all likely be boarding the bus to Freezer Camp this week. We are on our last bag of turkey feed and the weather will be getting pretty freezy soon so it’s perfect timing to wrap it all up. We have enjoyed the turkeys this year and are looking forward to doing it all again next year. The infrastructure is already in place and there is a year of knowledge behind us now so hopefully it will make next year easier and even more enjoyable.

Fred and Lucille Rabbit still haven’t produced a litter going on a couple of months now. The rabbits have not been getting the attention they should have this year due to the due to the goings on with the turkeys and having a busy year with the chickens. There are a few things to mull over this winter and the rabbit housing is one of them. There may have to be additional housing built to accommodate the grow out time of the litters so the does can have a new litter in peace. All in all it was a busy summer and we’re fairly satisfied with the progress that has been made here and looking forward to more growth next summer.

Everyone have a safe and productive week.


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