Welcome to the life of a grumpy truck driver

I suppose I should explain myself. I grew up in a big city and had dreams of living in the country and farming.. Ten years ago I finally left the city for a small place in the country and the peace and quiet that goes with it. As time goes on I am trying to move closer to living a simple life and being as self sufficient as possible. This includes reducing debt as much as possible, raising/growing as much food as I can and generally reducing my needs to a minimum.


Living in the country and closer to the land keeps us in touch with our roots and connected with Nature and each other. It keeps us in mind of the true cost of our food. It helps us stay healthier and happier. Time seems to slow down once one leaves the hustle and bustle of the city and returns to the slower speed of Nature. Our bodies function better in the natural light of the sun and moon rather than the artificial lights of the city, where the changing of the day and night cycles are less noticeable. Food fresh from Nature’s own pantry is tastier, healthier and is hopefully produced in a more environmentally friendly manner.


Everything I do in my life is my own experience and I am fully aware that other’s situations are different from mine. I have less expenses and expectations than a family with children and I don’t intend for my words to be a judgement on others. My life has been fraught with my share of bad financial and personal decisions so I am in no position to be critical of anyone. I hope that people can follow my journey with interest and possibly see things that they can apply to their own situation to help reduce their stress and save some money.


I have felt drawn to the country as far back as I can remember. I have a strong feeling inside me when I see century houses, old barns, cedar fences and fields full of crops. I love the smell of a barn, the warm smell of hay and straw, the smell of grains and bags of feed. I love the interaction with the animals, when a creature accepts you and is comfortable in your presence. I feel a warm, homey feeling when I see a fire in a fireplace or woodstove and a sense of comfort when seated around a table with a group, large or small, of family or friends, most of whom are both. There is no finer feeling then getting together with those who are glad to see you and run to greet you with a smile and a hug.


These small things are of a priceless value but seem to have been lost in modern society and replaced with commercialism and instant gratification. Raising livestock is a lesson in patience, from breeding, the gestation period and the growth period from birth to adulthood, all the while trying to avoid obstacles like illness and death. Crops need to be planted and there is a time period until harvest which cannot be altered. Nature proceeds at it’s own pace. There is very little instant gratification in farming but tremendous satisfaction when an animal reaches maturity or a crop is harvested and stored away or sold.


I hope that I can reach the goal of being as self sufficient and as close to the natural ways as possible. Some say it’s the journey that is most important, not the destination, so as I put one foot in front of the other we shall see what unfolds and deal with it as best I can.